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Sex, Përrallë & Celular (No Country for Fairy Tales)

Sex, Përrallë & Celular (No Country for Fairy Tales)

A children’s book author, who doesn’t fit in today society that is so far away from his romantic idealism, suffers from a temporary amnesia. Only because of the disease he starts reflecting on his relationship with his wife, who cheats him all the time, his wife’s partners, who try to steal him & his old friends who disrespect him.

Based on a play by Erion Kame

Project Info

  • Date


  • director

    Erion Bubullima

  • actors

    Genc Fuga
    Gent Kame
    Egla Ceno
    Gezim Rudi
    Dejvid Muka
    Arjola Basho