Tiranë, Njesia Administrative nr. 2, Rruga Sheh Ahmet Pazari, pallati Ambasador 3, kati 2, hyrja 13, 1010 Albania

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Pit Stop Mafia

Pit Stop Mafia

In a forgotten Albanian town, everybody wanna be rich. Beast runs his own businesses like car wash, funeral agency & wedding  planning . He is the god of accidents in the “death route”, while the dead bodies wear fake Gucci & Armani suits at his funeral agency.  When all this comes to an end, Beast wants to just disappear.

Project Info

  • Date


  • director

    Fatmir Koci

  • actors

    Besard Kallaku
    Dritan Kastrati
    Rezart Veleshnja
    Albana Perhati
    Doruntina Vishe
    Samuel Vargu
    Emi Camaj
    Marjana Kondi
    Ardita Mullai