Tiranë, Njesia Administrative nr. 2, Rruga Sheh Ahmet Pazari, pallati Ambasador 3, kati 2, hyrja 13, 1010 Albania

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Hije (Shadows)

Hije (Shadows)

Several homicides have shocked an Albanian small town. Gangs of the same criminal band have been murdered within a night. The prosecutor is investigating the case, while interrogating the only ocular witness of the crime scene. It seems like it may have been a simple passion crime, because of jealousy.
But no one will ever know the real truth.

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  • director

    Kastriot Ejlli

  • actors

    Alfred Trebicka
    Gent Kame
    Antonio Kowdrina
    Englantina Ceno
    Sokol Angjeli
    Kastriot Shehi
    Kol Kunora