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Ferma (The Farm)

This TV program is supposed to educate kids how to take care of farm animals. Kids, accompanied by a vet will make daily easy farm work, while taking care and playing with the animals. It’s an interactive format who invites kids and their parents, watching TV from home, to be part of the program.

Mëngë Këmishe (Shirt Sleeves)

Gilda, an ex-ballerina & Martin, an antiquarian trader, are having a little time together in a hotel, at the suburbs. They’re not married. Gilda is pregnant and she wants to have an abortion. Martin tries to convince her not to. Gilda stares at a young couple, lying in the grass right outside her window. The […]

Karusel (Life on a Carousel)

They are different. They are friends. They tell us their story from a carousel. Luiza travels back in time while Viola leaves the past behind and lives with expectations of the future. They are the living proof of the phrase: ‘Sometime you’re up, sometimes you’re down and sometimes you just go round and round’… Based […]

Lulet Plastike (Plastic Flowers)

An old couple from the Albanian countryside, receives a wedding invitation from a close relative to the capital city. At first they are very enthusiastic, but soon the indifferent and snobbish people around, make them feel unwelcome. Based on the motives of the short story ‘The couple’ by Ylljet Alicka

Sex, Përrallë & Celular (No Country for Fairy Tales)

A children’s book author, who doesn’t fit in today society that is so far away from his romantic idealism, suffers from a temporary amnesia. Only because of the disease he starts reflecting on his relationship with his wife, who cheats him all the time, his wife’s partners, who try to steal him & his old […]

Pit Stop Mafia

In a forgotten Albanian town, everybody wanna be rich. Beast runs his own businesses like car wash, funeral agency & wedding  planning . He is the god of accidents in the “death route”, while the dead bodies wear fake Gucci & Armani suits at his funeral agency.  When all this comes to an end, Beast […]

Hije (Shadows)

Several homicides have shocked an Albanian small town. Gangs of the same criminal band have been murdered within a night. The prosecutor is investigating the case, while interrogating the only ocular witness of the crime scene. It seems like it may have been a simple passion crime, because of jealousy. But no one will ever […]