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OVERVIEW The GH25 head is designed and built for professional videographers and cinematographers who want real quality at an affordable price.   The professional fluid tripod head delivers field-tested reliability, solid construction and all the features required for professional performance.   The GH25’s features include a 100mm ball head that supports large capacity payloads, and […]


OVERVIEW The newly developed 150mm tripods are made of superior aluminum materials very sturdy. EAT-150S, EAT-150M are specially designed for the lower angle shot.


OVERVIEW Fluid head with ball size 150mm The max. tilt working range ±90° Tripod with adaptor for 100mm&150mm bowle exchange Exchangeable middle spreader and ground spreader The payload for 7159H head is 40kgs, but the tripod base EAT-150 payload can reach 150kgs offer mounting plate PS-C separately in the package